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Certain items and familiars, notably Items-of-the-Month from Mr. Store, let you copy a monster while fighting it in order to fight it multiple times without having to encounter it normally. This page documents the most effective monsters to target with this ability. Copying is often combined with fax machine strategy to produce multiple copies of enemies that can't be accessed normally. In addition to a copy per day, the alpine watercolor set persists between ascensions and can replace fax targets. The genie bottle can provide up to 3 "faxes" per day. The Fourth of May Cosplay Saber can turn any fight with a monster into 3 consecutive fights with that monster in its native zone (even if the initial fight was not from the appropriate zone). A combat lover's locket records every copyable monster you fight with it equipped (saved across ascensions) and lets you fight 3 different copies from that list per day.

Most Effective

Copying these monsters saves the maximum number of turns.

Monster Purpose HC/SC Max
ninja snowman assassin Level 8 quest Both 2 Saves several turns vs. finding three assassins normally.
Green Ops Soldier Mysterious Island Quest Both As many as possible Counts as a war kill even if fought in other zones, each fight has a chance to drop green smoke bomb, a free runaway combat item.
lobsterfrogman Level 12 (Beach) Both 1+4 Saves some turns per barrel.

Situational / Path Specific

These faxes are relevant on specific challenge paths, and are only optimal under specific conditions.

Screambat Level 4 quest Both 2 If your challenge path prevents the use of the sonar-in-a-biscuit (e.g. Bees Hate You, G-Lover), copying Screambats serves as a preferable alternative to hunting them down manually.
Bob Racecar or Racecar Bob Level 11 (Palindome) Both 7? If your challenge path prevents the use of the disposable instant camera (e.g. Bees Hate You, G-Lover), copying either monster allows you to obtain the photograph of a dog faster than hunting it down manually.

Honorable Mentions

If you need other things to copy, consider these monsters.

Monster Purpose HC/SC Max
Witchess monsters Free scaling fights, delay-burning (when arrowed), epic food/booze or potion Both (lots) Fighting copied Witchess monsters does not consume a turn, just like the originals. Each copy gives free stats, and (if encountered in a zone other than your inventory) can also help advance quests. Warning: Only Knights, Bishops, and Rooks are meaningfully copyable!
giant swarm of ghuol whelps Level 7 quest Both 2-3 Saves a few turns in The Defiled Cranny vs. finding the noncombat manually. If copying these with an arrow, it can be tricky to line up your +ML correctly.
modern zmobie Level 7 quest Both 1+4 Saves a few turns in The Defiled Alcove vs. cranking +init and finding them manually.
mountain man Level 8 quest Both 1-2 Provides an alternate way to collect ore (vs. clovers and Unaccompanied Miner). Requires a fax or similar source if you're not an Avatar of Boris.
pygmy bowler Level 11 (City) Both 1+4 Saves a few turns in The Hidden Bowling Alley vs. Olfacting the bowler.


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