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E-Z Cook™ oven

Cooking is the fine art of making items from cooking ingredients. Most basic recipes produce edible food, while some produce only other ingredients that require further cooking; a few produce useful items or even familiars. More advanced pasta and noodle dishes can be discovered and cooked by those with knowledge of Pastamastery (level 5 Pastamancer skill). Recent discoveries in The Sea have also led Pastamancers to unlock the secrets of Tempuramancy.

Cooking can also be used with Advanced Saucecrafting (level 5 Sauceror skill) to make delicious sauces and powerful usable items out of scrumptious reagents, and those who have become one with The Way of Sauce or learnt the secrets of Deep Saucery can cook even more powerful potions from bottles of scrumdiddlyumptious solution and globes of Deep Sauce respectively. Saucecrafting potions are discussed on the reagent potions page; their recipes are included on the Cooking Discoveries page.

Cooking requires either an E-Z Cook™ oven or Dramatic™ range to be installed in your campsite kitchen. An E-Z Cook™ oven allows you to cook normal recipes with no adventure cost, while the Dramatic™ range allows you to cook fancy recipes at the cost of one adventure. A chef-in-the-box allows you to cook for no adventure cost. However, after a certain number of uses your chef will explode, providing you with a random assortment of its component parts and food items — including some foods that cannot be obtained by any other means.

For more general information about food items in the game, see the Food page. For a discussion of what and when to cook, see cooking strategy.


A full list of recipes for items which can be made by cooking, Pastamastery, Tempuramancy and Saucecrafting (including Deep Saucery and The Way of Sauce) is shown on the Cooking Discoveries page.

A list of items in the game which are marked as cooking ingredients is also available.


  • If you try to cook without an oven installed or in inventory, you will get the message:
How can you cook things without an oven? You can't.
  • If you try to cook without an oven, and just an E-Z Cook™ oven in inventory, you will get the message:
Looks like you have a E-Z Cook™ oven. You just need to Install It?
  • If you try to cook without an oven, and a Dramatic™ range in inventory, you will get the message:
Looks like you have a Dramatic™ range. You just need to Install It?
  • If you try to cook a fancy recipe with only an E-Z Cook™ oven installed, you will get the message:
You need a more advanced cooking appliance to cook something something with fancy ingredients.

Maybe check out the Market in Seaside Town?


  • The button one clicks in order to cook is labeled "bake", while the cocktailcrafting button is labeled "shake", and together they reference the cooking product Shake 'n Bake.
  • Jick has admitted on the radio show that the simplistic item plus item nature of cooking (and most crafting) is inspired by a very similar cooking mechanic found in the Paper Mario games.

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