Control Freak

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Control Freak
Control Freak

You enter the control room to see a weird circular diagram carved into a series of concentric stone rings. On the side of the round thing, a square peg juts out. You notice that it's the exact size of the hole in that weird wooden wheel you found earlier.

If you have a crumbling wooden wheel in your inventory:

Use a wheel on the peg

You put the wheel on the peg and give it a good yank. You hear a quiet grinding from the peg, a louder grinding from the concentric stone rings, and an even louder grinding from deeper in the pyramid.

It turns out that the quiet grinding was actually the wooden wheel disintegrating. Crap.

(Turns the wheel anti-clockwise and consumes a crumbling wooden wheel.)

If you have a tomb ratchet in your inventory:

Use a ratchet on the peg

You snap the ratchet onto the peg and then in half as you turn it. Dangit.

(Turns the wheel anti-clockwise and consumes a tomb ratchet.)

Head down to the Lower Chambers (1)

Leave the control room

Occurs at Control room.


  • There are even fancy middle-images that are used when the position of chambers is changed! Two between each pair, they are as follows:
    • Pyramid readout1a.gif, Pyramid readout1b.gif, Pyramid readout2a.gif, Pyramid readout2b.gif, Pyramid readout3a.gif, Pyramid readout3b.gif, Pyramid readout4a.gif, Pyramid readout4b.gif, Pyramid readout5a.gif and Pyramid readout5b.gif