Consummate strawberries

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consummate strawberries
consummate strawberries

The problem with nature is that it's so inconsistent. Sometimes you'll get a strawberry that looks perfect, but tastes terrible. Jarlsberg wasn't willing to take any chances, so he just made his own strawberries out of stardust and moonbeams.

Type: food (decent)
Size: 3
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: consummate strawberriess)
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Item number: 6212
Description ID: 725439877
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Obtained From

Jarlsberg's Cosmic Kitchen
Slice + cosmic fruit

When Consumed

Jarl berries.gif
You eat the strawberries. They're so delicious it doesn't even occur to you to add shortcake. Or to wonder what shortcake actually is, anyway.
AdventuresYou gain 4-5 Adventures. (avg. 4.5)
You gain 5-10 Beefiness.
You gain 20-30 Wizardliness.
You gain 5-10 Roguishness.
(You gain 3 Fullness.)



  • This item is available only during a special challenge path. It will be removed from your inventory when you leave the path, either by breaking the prism to free King Ralph XI, or by dropping the path.