Consolation ribbon

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consolation ribbon
consolation ribbon

This is a crappy white consolation ribbon. Oh well. At least you got something.

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +1

(In-game plural: consolation ribbons)
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Item number: 336
Description ID: 447554129
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Obtained From

Being beaten up by an ultra-rare monster
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
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  • Originally available on May 20, 2003, when accordion thief (#42) started a game called "Scavenger Hunt." Due to some unexpected problems, the contest never really ended, but the big ol' trophy and consolation ribbons were given anyway.
  • You have to actually lose to the Ultra-Rare monster to get the ribbon. Free runaways will just get you bitterness and self-hatred.
  • You can, however, run out the thirty combat rounds using healing items or a facsimile dictionary.

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