Consciousness of a Stream

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Consciousness of a Stream
Consciousness of a Stream

You follow your ears to the bubbling stream. You dip your feet in the cool water and survey your surroundings.

Downstream from where you're sitting, the area opens into a marshy expanse. You're normally pretty mellow about marshes, but something about this one seems sort of harsh.

Upstream, you spot a dark opening leading into the bank of the stream. It looks like it's just big enough for you to squeeze into, if you're in the mood to squeeze into something right about now.

March to the marsh

First time:

You enter the marsh, and almost immediately plunge ankle-deep into a puddle of filthy, stagnant water. Grumbling, you extricate yourself from the mud, and notice that your ministrations have stirred up a disgusting, wriggling mass of mosquito larvae.
Actually, one of them isn't disgusting at all. It's sort of cute, so you decide to take it with you.
Larva.gifYou acquire an item: mosquito larva

Subsequent times:

In one of the drier areas of the marsh, you stumble across a Fairy Gravy Ring. Gravy fairies flit about, protecting their precious gravy from greedy Adventurers like you.
In a rare fit of altruism, you agree to not steal any gravy. In exchange, they give you a handful of mushrooms.
See? Who ever said being nice doesn't pay off?
Spooshroom.gifYou acquire 3 spooky mushrooms

Squeeze into the cave

First time:

You wriggle into the cave, and just inside the entrance you find the body of the famed explorer Chester Meatpot!
After carefully checking for booty traps, you rifle through his wallet. Looks like they called him Meatpot for a reason! Er, y'know, a reason other than the fact that it was his name.
In addition to the Meat, you also find a strange coin...
Meat.gifYou gain 300 Meat.
3holecoin.gifYou acquire an item: tree-holed coin

Subsequent times:

You squeeze into the cave again, but there's nothing else of interest in here.

Go further upstream

You make like a salmon would if it could walk, and walk upstream a ways.

An Interesting Choice
An Interesting Choice


  • Squeezing into the cave and finding nothing does not use an adventure.