Computronic processing unit

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computronic processing unit
computronic processing unit

This is kind of an artificial brain, made up of a neural net powered by a bunch of elves and gnomes running on treadmills. Yeah, like you would be any more likely to understand the actual explanation as I would.

If you spend a lot of time geeking on the computron, you've probably already burned through a few of these.

Selling Price: 20 Meat.

(In-game plural: computronic processing units)
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Crimborg2-30px.gif capacitor relay logic synthesizer
Equals.gif computronic processing unit



  • The phrase "geeking on the computron" is a reference to the MC Frontalot song "Goth Girls".
  • The part about burning through a couple of these refers to how power users might overclock their CPUs.


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