Complimentary Dinsey refreshments

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complimentary Dinsey refreshments
complimentary Dinsey refreshments

This basket is filled with individually-wrapped snacks of such low quality that the Dinsey corporation has judged them to have negative value as assets.

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Ya eat 'em. Well, tourists do.

(In-game plural: complimentary Dinsey refreshments)
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Item number: 8243
Description ID: 960333234
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Obtained From

Employee Assignment Kiosk
Accepting the quest Guest Sustenance Assurance

When Used

against tourists (ends combat with no meat or stats):

You boisterously hand out snacks to your opponent and the (2-3) tourist(s) in front of him/her in line. It seems to placate them.

against tourists, if quest is completed:

You look down and realize that the box of refreshments is empty. You should head back to the kiosk and collect your pay

against a horrible tourist family:

This family already brought their own disgusting snacks. You shouldn't waste company property on them.

after quest is completed:

The box of snacks is empty.


This isn't where you're supposed to distribute these things.


  • You need to feed 30 tourists. However, since you can placate 1-4 tourists per use, this will not necessarily take 30 (no meat no items no stat) turns.
  • Using this item successfully counts as running away.
  • Also works successfully against wandering monsters in the proper zone..