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Hermit.gif The Hermit humbly requests that this page be rewritten or expanded.

Gallery link is dead, LJ hasn't been updated since 2011, Store of Loathing link seems to link to Topatoco's front page.
Also, the mall-tracking app is kinda dead with Flash Player being completely removed, but there's a workaround for that... (that or just replace it with the unofficial Flash-less front-end)

The following is a list of links to pages that expand or contribute to the Kingdom of Loathing community.

A gallery of photos of Kingdom of Loathing players.
Discuss all aspects of KoL with other players, find other KoL players in your area, find out about nearby player gatherings, and much more.
A KoL player community blog, hosted via LiveJournal.
A very detailed search engine that you can use to look up players’ ascension records.
The official Coldfront mall-tracking application.
  • For those who can't use Adobe Flash, this unofficial front-end uses modern browsers' native capabilities to draw graphs. (If it times out, just try again.)
Stalking TPTB ... on Facebook.
Up-to-date game announcements and dumb jokes from the staff.
The unofficial radio station of /c games.
The official unofficial radio station of the Kingdom of Loathing.
A subreddit for KoL players.
A searchable collection of KoL collections.
A Consumer is You! Get all of your KoL merchandise here.

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