Communications windchimes

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communications windchimes
communications windchimes

This is a set of windchimes used by the Army of One Love™ to communicate over vast distances. Well, for certain definitions of "vast." "Within earshot," let's say.

Type: combat item (reusable)
Selling Price: 45 Meat.

Summons Hippy Army Aid

(In-game plural: sets of communications windchimes)
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Obtained From

The Battlefield (Frat Warrior Fatigues)
Bailey's Beetle
Green Ops Soldier
Mobile Armored Sweat Lodge
War Hippy Airborne Commander
War Hippy Dread Squad
War Hippy Elder Shaman
War Hippy Elite Fire Spinner
War Hippy Elite Rigger
War Hippy Fire Spinner
War Hippy F.R.O.G.
War Hippy Green Gourmet
War Hippy Homeopath
War Hippy Naturopathic Homeopath
War Hippy Shaman
War Hippy Sky Captain
War Hippy Windtalker (3)
The Battlefield (War Hippy Fatigues)
War, Man. Like, Wow. (one-time)

When Used

  • In combat, while the war is still on:
You bang out a series of chimes, and a few moments later, a homeopathic medic runs up to you from somewhere and slaps a filthy poultice on some of your wounds while waving some foul-smelling salts under your nose. Before you can even gag, she's running off toward another wounded soldier. You feel much better, though.
HPYou gain 250-300 hit points.
You bang out a series of chimes, and after a few seconds a homeopathic medic runs up to you and gives you an injection of carbonated soy milk. It stings a little bit, but you feel totally reinvigorated.
MPYou gain 150-200 Mana Points.
You bang out a series of chimes, and after a few minutes a squadron of biplane ferrets flies over your opponent in a seriously disgusting bombing run. He gets hit with 150-200 damage worth of... let's just say... projectiles.
  • Possibly, when used before 10 turns have passed since last use:
A nearby hippy soldier sees you about to start ringing your windchimes, and says "No way, man. You're taking more than your share. We all have to get equal attention from HQ, because we're all equally special, man."

Then he takes your windchimes and wanders off. What a jerk!

The hippy army HQ isn't likely to send you reinforcements in this particular fight. You probably shouldn't even bother
  • After the war is over (does not consume a round of combat):
You listen to the windchimes for a while, but nothing interesting happens.


  • Can be traded in for 2 quarters at the wartime Frat House.
  • The windchimes' effect is determined as follows:
    • If used within 10 turns of the previous use, there is a chance of getting no effect and losing the windchimes. The chance of nothing happening N turns after the last use is 100%-N*10%.
    • Otherwise, if the player has less than 25% of their HP remaining, HP is restored.
    • Otherwise, if the player has less than 25% of their MP remaining, MP is restored.
    • Otherwise, the enemy is damaged.
  • The windchimes can be used in the final battle against The Man.
  • Using the windchimes after the war is over or when in frat boy uniform does not consume a round of combat.

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