Cold zombie

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Cold zombie
Monster ID 1403
Locations Dreadsylvanian Village
Hit Points 800
Attack 500
Defense 500
Initiative 25
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements cold
Resistance None
Monster Parts unknown
Thriller Ice, Mark of the Zombie, Freddy Kruegerand, Dreadsylvanian Almanac page
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
cold zombie You're fighting Morgan Burress, the zombie gelato salesman

You stop in front of the big display window of one of the Dreadsylvanian shops, admiring your dapper reflection. You really look great, and you don't mind telling yourself so.

But your reflection starts to get blurry as the window begins to ice over; you try to wipe away the ice, but it just keeps coming until the whole window's coated.

"Well, that was pretty lame," you think, "but at least my life isn't in danger or anything." Then an ice-cold zombie leaps through the window, death-cold hands reaching for your throat.

Hit Message(s):

He scrapes some snow off of himself, makes a snowball, and pelts you with it.Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ooh! (cold damage)

He punches you with an icy fist. It's like getting hit by a snowball with a rock inside it.Oof! Ow! Eek! Oof! (cold damage)

He breathes icy breath on you. It smells like peppermint, but it's painfully cold.Argh! Ugh! Oof! Eek! (cold damage)

He throws an armbar around your neck, squeezing your windpipe with his frigid forearms.Argh! Ow! Ooh! Ow! (cold damage)

He breaks an icicle off of his arm and spears you with it. Ooh! Ooh! Oof! Ouch! (cold damage)

He noms on your brain with his icy teeth. And you thought the brain freeze you got from eating ice cream too fast was bad!Ugh! Ouch! Eek! Argh! (cold damage)

Critical Hit Message:

He grips your arms with his icy, dead hands, and really turns on the cold. Your arms go numb, then blue, then black, and the cold creeps up them until it almost steals all the heat out of your core before you can break free. Oof! Ugh! Oof! Ooh! (cold damage)

Miss Message(s):

He tries to punch you with an icy fist, but you threaten him with a lighter.

He throws a snowball at you, but it's hard to aim with frozen eyeballs.

He tries to spear you with an icicle, but you dodge on a bicycle.

He breathes icy breath on you. It's kind of refreshing.

He tries to nom on your brain with his icy teeth, but you avoid the brain freeze.

He tries to throw an armbar on you, but you bar that move from this fight.

He notices that the fighting is making him heat up and start to sweat, so he stops to get frosty again.

Fumble Message:

He notices that the fighting is making him heat up and start to sweat, so he stops to get frosty again. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Beerbottle.gifYou acquire an item: Thriller Ice (.1% chance)*
Dv mark3.gifYou acquire an item: Mark of the Zombie (?% chance)*
Dv krueggerand.gifYou acquire an item: Freddy Kruegerand (?% chance)*
Dv recipe.gifYou acquire an item: Dreadsylvanian Almanac page (?% chance)*
You gain ??? <substat>.

Occurs at Dreadsylvanian Village.


  • This monster cannot be copied.
  • The Freddy Kruegerand and Dreadsylvanian Almanac page drops are not affected by item drop modifiers. They are similar to the beer lens drop and drops from crates. In particular, they can still drop after being stomped.
  • If any elements are banished, starting combat with a cold Dreadsylvanian adds turns of Chilled to the Bone, giving one of the messages:
    • You shudder in the chilly air.
    • The joints in your knees start to creak from the horrible cold.
    • Your breath steams in the frigid air.
    • You gasp as the freezing air burns your lungs.
    • You briskly rub your arms, trying to warm yourself up.
    • You wince as a biting wind blows in your eyes, and you can feel your tears freezing on your cheeks.
    • You stomp your feet, trying to revive your cold-numbed toes.
    • You blow into your hands and rub them together, wishing you'd brought some mittens.
Snowflake.gifYou acquire an effect: Chilled to the Bone
(duration: N+1 Adventures)
  • Getting hit by a Dreadsylvanian zombie in combat causes a loss of N turns of your top N effects, giving one of the messages:
    • That last piece of brain the zombie chewed on seemed to have been an important one.
    • If the zombie would just quit chewing on your brain for a second, you'd be able to upshot the canneloni.
    • All the zombie wants to do is eat your brains, and stopping it from doing so is making it hard to concentrate.
    • The zombie's constant brain-chewing is making it hard for you to concentrate.
    • The zombie noms on a fairly important area of your brain, making you feel encyclopedia tatershock.
    • The zombie asks if it can eat your eyes. You're startled by such an unreasonable request, and forget one of your effects.
    • It's a little hard to brain when someone's eating your brain. You feel your concentration slipping.
    • All the brain-chewing going on is making you a little banana flywheel.
    • The zombie bites right into your brain, making it hard to tacorhythmic genocide.
    • The zombie bites the part of your brain that was holding a particular effect. You wince as you feel it dissipate.
SomethingYou lose some of an effect: ... something (N Adventures)[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]
  • N is the number of times the monsters in the Dreadsylvanian Village have been modified by a noncombat in the current run.
  • The name, image, and introduction text of this monster are all randomly selected:

A snowball goes whizzing past you, just missing the back of your head. You spin around, and the next one goes over your left shoulder. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but snowballs can't even hit me!" you shout, somewhat nonsensically.

A zombie lumbers out of the shadows, clutching another snowball in his fist. Clearly, he's going to deliver this one personally.

You walk by an adorable, classic snowman some Dreadsylvanian kid built in his yard. I mean, it's a little weird that there's no snow anywhere else, but you have to give the kid kudos for his attention to detail. The snowman's so big there could be an entire person hiding in there, and the head almost seems to be...turning to follow you...oh, crap.

An ice-cold zombie bursts out of the snowman, shivering. "B-b-b-brrraaaiins?" he moans.

A shivering zombie shambles out of an alley in front of you, his breath forming a cloud of condensation, his skin blue with cold and black with frostbite. "Well," you quip, "I guess I've got time to knock back a cold one."
You slip on a sheet of ice covering this part of the village's cobblestone road, fall, and knock your own lights out.

You wake up to see a decomposing face inches from your own, with little icicles forming at each of the nostrils. "Brrraiiiincicle?" it moans.