Cold Storage

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Cold Storage
Cold Storage

A chill rises in your spine as you enter the kitchen. The room has been stripped of everything that would normally identify a room as a kitchen. Its only feature is a massive walk-in freezer whose door stands wide open, emitting the occasional tendril of chilly mist.

Turn down the freezer
You walk into the freezer, find the knob that controls the temperature, and turn it from "Super-duper crazy cold" to "Still really cold, but not, like, insanely so."

(No more Cold monsters will appear in the castle)

Hang out in the freezer
You hang out in the freezer for a while. "A while," in this case, defined in terms of how long it takes all of your skin to turn blue.
Snowflake.gifYou acquire an effect: Staying Frosty
(duration: 100 Adventures)

Get out of the kitchen
It's not that you can't stand the cold, it's that you don't want to.

Occurs at This Hall is Really Great in Dreadsylvanian Castle.