Cold Hots candy

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Cold Hots candy
Cold Hots candy

Think about how cold they are. Now think about how hot they are. Secret ninja candy-making techniques cause these to change temperature in your mouth, rather than flavor. Even the ninjas don't know why they thought that was a good idea.

Type: potion
Effect: Sugar Rush (1 Adventure)+20% Combat Initiative
Muscle +5%
Moxie +5%
Mysticality -10%

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Cold Hots candies)
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Item number: 908
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Obtained From

bindlestocking (sometimes)
Papier-mâché trophy piñata (0-5)
Gaiden, the Hot and Cold Running Ninja (Occurs with the Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit equipped)
Stocking Mimic in a Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn
Crimbo Elf in a Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn
Candyblast: drops about 1/15 of the time when cast.

When Used

You put the Cold Hots in your mouth. First your mouth gets really cold, and then it gets really hot. That's pretty much all that happens.
Hoppedup.gifYou acquire an effect: Sugar Rush
(duration: 1 Adventure)


  • This is a play on the cinnamon candies known as Red Hots.
  • It may also be a reference to the children's book The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, which featured Hot Cold Treats that turn scorchingly hot before going freezing cold.
  • It may also refer to Icy Hot, a medicinal product that gives both cold and hot stimulus to help reduce muscle pain.
  • It may also refer to the Willy Wonka brand Gobstopper candy, which changes flavors in its consumer's mouth.


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