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Cold deals extra damage to enemies with a stench or sleaze subtype, and negligible damage to cold-based monsters.

Cold is one of the five main elements that can be found in the Kingdom. Damage from this element is called cold damage. The Icy Peak requires resistance to this element to be accessed.


  • Cold does double damage against monsters with a type of stench or sleaze.
  • Cold does a total of 1 damage against monsters with a type of cold.
  • Cold does normal damage against monsters with any other element type.
  • Cold monsters take double damage from hot and spooky attacks.


From Equipment

The following items give cold resistance when equipped:








The following outfits give (additional) cold resistance when fully equipped:


From Effects

The following effects give cold resistance when active:

From Passive Skills

The following passive skills give cold resistance:

From House Furnishings

The following bed gives cold resistance as long as it is installed in your dwelling:

From Familiars

The following familiar gives cold resistance as long as it is your active familiar:

  • Exotic Parrot (Slight (+1), 5-24 lbs) (So-So (+2), 25-44 lbs) (Serious (+3), 45-64 lbs) (Stupendous (+4), 65-84 lbs) (Superhuman (+5), 85-104 lbs) (etc.)


Given From Effects

The following effects allow you to deal additional cold damage:

Given From Spells

The following spells always deal cold damage:

These Sauceror spells can deal cold damage:

Saucestorm deals Cold damage on the first hit, and Hot damage on the second hit.

Saucegeyser deals either Hot or Cold damage, depending on which element the monster is weak to. Else, it deals either Hot or Cold damage in whichever element has more bonus spell damage, or a 50/50 chance if both are equal.

These Pastamancer spells may be any element:

Using Flavour of Magic and casting the Spirit of Peppermint (skill) will set these pasta spells to cold damage. Otherwise, element is determined randomly.

The Pastamancer spell Weapon of the Pastalord will deal half physical and half elemental damage if tuned to a specific element.

Given From Items

The following items deal cold damage when used ...

...or equipped :

The following items add additional cold damage to cold spells when used or equipped:

Equipping a Gazpacho's Glacial Grimoire will change the element of all Pastamancer and Sauceror combat spells (with the exception of Weapon of the Pastalord and Fearful Fettucini) to cold.

Equipping a double-ice box makes all spells cold, gives Spell Damage +10%, and deals 10-20 cold damage every round.

Equipping a enchanted fire extinguisher makes all spells cold and also gives Spell Damage +100% and +30 Damage to Cold Spells.

Equipping a Haiku katana lets you use Winter's Bite Technique, which does 10-20 plus triple or quadruple your bonus Cold damage. (For example, if you have +50 Cold, then it does 160-220 Cold.)

Equipping a fiberglass frock makes it so dealing cold damage causes ongoing additional cold damage, for Sauceror only.

Equipping a chiffon chapeau deals 11 cold damage each round.

Given From Outfits

The following outfits allow you to deal additional cold damage when equipped:

Given From Familiars

The following familiars attack with cold damage:

Received From Items

These items deal cold damage to the player when used:

Received From Monsters

Instead of Ow!, monsters' cold attacks have a "Brrrrrrrrrrr." sound effect.

The following are cold monsters and usually deal cold damage:

The following are not cold monsters but occasionally deal cold damage:

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