Cocktail napkin

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cocktail napkin
cocktail napkin

This is a smallish, cheap square napkin designed for use in bars -- as a coaster, as a spur-of-the-moment scratch pad, folded up to stabilize a wobbly barstool, used to wipe up drink spills and/or various unsavory (and unsweet) bodily fluids -- anything, really. Its uses are as myriad as the reasons to drink!

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

Deals 20-40 Hot Damage

(In-game plural: cocktail napkins)
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Item number: 2956
Description ID: 592935846
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Obtained From

Barrrney's Barrr
tetchy pirate
tipsy pirate
toothy pirate
diabolic pizza (0-1) (warlike pizza)

When Used

  • In combat:
You wad the cocktail napkin up into a ball, and light it with a match. The alcohol soaked into it causes it to burst into a huge fireball, which you toss at your opponent, dealing 20-40 damage.
You pull out the cocktail napkin.

"Oh, hey, umm, yeah," you say, "I, like, lost my phone, and I had to change my number. Here, lemme give you the new one."

You quickly scribble a random phone number onto the napkin and hand it to the clingy pirate. <He> beams, and says "Well, okay! Okay, great! So, yeah, I'll give you a call soon! Bye!" before wandering off to a different part of the ship.


  • Using a napkin against a clingy pirate ends combat without using an adventure and removes them from the zone for 20 adventures.

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