Coated in Slime

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Coated in Slime

Coated in Slime

You're covered from head to toe in the corrosive muck that makes up the organisms (or organism?) in The Slime Tube. It's everywhere, it's disgusting, and you'd better get used to it, because it's not coming off any time soon.

It Burns! It Burns!

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Effect number: 633
Description ID: 15f23d1ef123679d49e02d67b43e5e81
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Obtained From

  • Starting a battle with a Slime enemy without having this effect (X Adventures)


  • You will get max(1, 11 - ML/100?) turns of the effect, where ML is the amount of bonus ML you have active upon entering the combat. In other words, for each +100 ML you run, you get 1 turn less of the effect. For example, if you had +300 bonus ML, you would receive 8 turns of the effect, if you had +301 bonus ML you would receive 7 turns. if you have +901 or more ML, you will receive 1 turn of the effect.
  • Attempting to remove this effect with a soft green echo eyedrop antidote will fail with the message
    "You only succeed in smearing the slime around a little."
The slime you're coated in eats into your flesh...
HPYou lose some hit points. (slime damage)
  • At the start of a combat (with 11 to 15 turns of the effect):
This slime you're coated in is starting to sting...
  • At the start of a combat (with more than 15 turns of the effect):
This slime you're coated in is really itchy...
  • Damage increases as the duration of this effect decreases.
  • Damage also scales to your maximum HP according to the following table:
Turns Remaining +ML giving this initial amount of turns Percent of Max HP in Damage Slime Resistance needed to survive Percent Damage with Survivable Resistance
10 1-100 1% 0 1%
9 101-200 6.7% 0 6.7%
8 201-300 20.1% 0 20.1%
7 301-400 43.9% 0 43.9%
6 401-500 80.6% 0 80.6%
5 501-600 132.5% 3 (Moderate) 92.75%
4 601-700 201.7% 6 (Very High) 90.20%
3 701-800 290.3% 8 (Extremely High) 99.02%
2 801-900 400.2% 11 (Amazingly High) 95.85%
1 901+ 533.4% 14 (Extremely Amazingly High) 96.44%
  • Outside of Gelatinous Noob, the highest Slime Resistance attainable is 13 (Really Very Amazingly High).