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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
Ten-leaf clover

Prior to Jan 1, 2022, adventuring in certain locations with a ten-leaf clover in your inventory would potentially yield special non-combat adventures. Clover Adventures and Semi-Rare Adventures are now consolidated into a single system that stems from being Lucky!, which comes from many new sources such as the 11-leaf clover. The new combined list can be found at Lucky Adventures.

This is a list of all previous clover adventures:

Table of Clover Adventures

Location Adventure Reward Notes
Seaside Town
Camp Logging Camp Oot to Lunch Poutine.gif
balaclava baklava
Blatantly Canadian
The Casino: Lemon Party Slot Lemon Party Slot Bigrock.gif
big rock
The Casino: The Poker Room A Motor in your Head Meat.gif
300 Meat
20 Roguishness
The Casino: The Roulette Tables The Luckiest Gambler Meat.gif
320 Meat
20 Mysteriousness
The Copperhead Club Where There's Smoke... Rocks f.gif
Flamin' Whatshisname
The Haunted Ballroom Forward to the Past X Roguishness X is equal to approximately 2*(mainstat).
The Haunted Bathroom That's a Tidy Bowl, Man! X Mysteriousness X is equal to approximately 2*(mainstat).
The Haunted Billiards Room Give me Your Nine 9ball.gif
The Haunted Conservatory Sweeping Up the Skeleton Bones Bonepile.gif
pile of dusty animal bones
The Haunted Gallery With a Clatter X Strongness X is equal to approximately 2*(mainstat).
The Haunted Kitchen Nicebox Dinner.gif
ancient frozen dinner
brains casserole
leftovers of indeterminate origin
The Haunted Library Dust to Dust ~100 Mysteriousness
The Haunted Pantry It's Your Lucky Day! Meat.gif
100 Meat
Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp Best Served Cold Vial.gif
forest tears (3)
The Sleazy Back Alley Lucky You, Unlucky Hobo Fotie.gif
ice-cold fotie (3)
The Big Mountains
The Limerick Dungeon The Weathered Old Chap Foon.gif
Itznotyerzitz Mine Either Ore Aore.gif
asbestos ore
chrome ore
linoleum ore
Before the Mount McLargeHuge revamp on July 25, 2012, this adventure was one of two clover adventures in Itznotyerzitz Mine. Both were equally probable.
The Icy Peak Encino Penguin Pengfroze.gif
frozen Mob Penguin
The Smut Orc Logging Camp S&M 4-EVER Plank3.gif
weirdwood plank (3)
long hard screw (3)
A-boo Peak The "Journalist" Map.gif
A-Boo clue (2)
Twin Peak What Kind of Party Is This? Magnify.gif
Your Interest is Peaked
(10 Adventures)
Oil Peak Up From the Ground... Crudeoil.gif
bubblin' crude (3)
A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters Methinks the Protesters Doth Protest Too Little Choose a Non-Combat Adventure to scare away the protesters. Also a Semi-Rare adventure
The Nearby Plains
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob Knob Goblin Luck! Uberpants.gif
Knob Goblin Uberpants
3 Roguishness
Cobb's Knob Kitchens Luck in the Kitchens Sack1.gif
Knob Kitchen grab-bag
When used, yields 3-5 items from the following list: Knob mushroom, Knob sausage, spices, wad of dough
The Knob Shaft Junction in the Trunction Bubbleore.gif
bubblewrap ore (3)
cardboard ore (3)
styrofoam ore (3)
This choice adventure offers three different shafts, each of which contains 3 chunks of a different ore.
Cobb's Knob Laboratory Believe it or Not Seltzer.gif
Knob Goblin superseltzer (3)
Tower Ruins I've Gotta Crow Brain.gif
disembodied brain
15 Mysteriousness
The "Fun" House The Boxer Box.gif
box (3)
The Unquiet Garves Only Dust and a Plaque Smartskull.gif
smart skull
15 Strongness
The VERY Unquiet Garves Rolling the Bones Brain.gif
disembodied brain
smart skull
Guano Junction How I Wonder What You're At Biscuit.gif
sonar-in-a-biscuit (2)
lose 5 HP
This adventure only occurs if you currently have no sonars-in-a-biscuit.
Guano Junction What Can You Do? Baseball.gif
baseball (3)
This adventure occurs if you currently have any sonars-in-a-biscuit.
Castle in the Clouds in the Sky Basement You Never Know What You're Gonna Find Rubyw.gif
ruby W
metallic A
lowercase N
original G
heavy D
The Spectral Pickle Factory Wouldn't You Like to be a Pickle Too? Pickle.gif
spectral pickle
The Distant Woods
The Spooky Forest Lucky, Lucky! Charms.gif
bowl of lucky charms
The Spooky Gravy Barrow Stage Fright Lipstick.gif
spooky lipstick
Bugbear Pens Faux Fur Pas Beanie.gif
bugbear beanie
bugbear bungguard
The Black Forest What the Cluck? Blackbasket.gif
black picnic basket
Ye Olde Medievale Villagee A Role In the Hay Straw.gif
Desert Beach
Thugnderdome Gno More Mr. Gnice Guy Gnomebox.gif
Gnomish toolbox
South of the Border Forget Not That I am an Ass Chiclepack.gif
pack of chewing gum
An Oasis Some Things Never Change Raindrop.gif
(20 Adv)
The Mysterious Island of Mystery
Orcish Frat House Lambda Upsilon Chi Kappa Dtickets.gif
handful of drink tickets
Orcish Frat House
(in the Frat Boy Ensemble)
Lambda Upsilon Chi Kappa Tickets.gif
roll of drink tickets
If encountered while wearing the Frat Boy Ensemble, the clover adventure yields a roll of drink tickets. Otherwise, it only gives a handful.
The Hippy Camp Batty About Fruit Fruitbowl.gif
fruit bowl
The Hippy Camp
(in the Filthy Hippy Disguise)
A Case of the Baskets Fruitbask.gif
fruit basket
If encountered while wearing the Filthy Hippy Disguise, the clover adventure yields a fruit basket. Otherwise, it only gives a fruit bowl.
Memories, in the Corners of your Mind
The Primordial Soup Beginner's Luck Mem amino.gif
memory of some delicious amino acids (2-5)
2-4 Base Pairs
Retired Adventures
The Crimborg Collective Factory Crates of Plates Device6.gif
high-resistance ultrapolymer plating (3)
This adventure was retired at the end of Crimbo 2006.
The Haiku Dungeon Haiku Dungeon Ruck Blingbling.gif
dope gangsta bling-bling
This adventure was retired when the Haiku Dungeon was revamped on August 29, 2008.
The Sewer Sewer Luck! Choice of three distinct starter items This adventure was retired when the sewer was removed on October 5, 2010.
The Hidden Temple Trapstravaganza 8-25 Strongness
8-25 Mysteriousness
8-25 Roguishness
This adventure was retired when the Hidden Temple was revamped on March 15, 2012.
Cobb's Knob Treasury Primo Meat Stash Meatstack.gif
dense meat stack
This adventure was retired when Cobb's Knob was revamped on February 15, 2011.
Cobb's Knob Harem A Series of Fortunate Events Meat.gif
300 Meat
Knob Goblin perfume
20 Strongness
This adventure was retired when Cobb's Knob was revamped on February 15, 2011.
Itznotyerzitz Mine A Real Gem Jewel.gif
stone of eXtreme power
Before the Mount McLargeHuge revamp on July 25, 2012, this adventure was one of two clover adventures in Itznotyerzitz Mine. Both were equally probable.
Some Scattered Smoking Debris Close Encounter of the Lucky Kind Elecparts.gif
space junk (3)
This adventure was retired with the removal of the The Crash Site of an Alien Spaceship From Space.
Degrassi Knoll That's Amore Pizza.gif
goat cheese pizza
mushroom pizza
sausage pizza
This adventure was retired when the Degrassi Knoll was revamped.


  • All of these adventures consumed one clover.
  • Some locations (Orcish Frat House and The Hippy Camp) gave better clover rewards if you adventured there with the appropriate disguise.
  • Some locations (The Misspelled Cemetary and Guano Junction) gave different clover rewards after you have completed part or all of a quest associated with that location.

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