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11-leaf clover

As of Jan 1, 2022, adventuring in certain locations while having the Lucky! intrinsic effect will almost always yield special non-combat adventures. These consolidate Clover Adventures and Semi-Rare Adventures into a single system, featuring elements and adventures from both types.

You can get Lucky! in multiple ways, with the most noteworthy being the 11-leaf clover.

For more information about how the game decides if a lucky adventure will happen, see Encounter.

This is a list of all known lucky adventures (unconfirmed adventures will have a light green background):

Table of Lucky Adventures

Location Adventure Reward Notes
Seaside Town
Camp Logging Camp Oot to Lunch Poutine.gif
balaclava baklava
Blatantly Canadian
The Casino: The Poker Room A Motor in your Head Meat.gif
300 Meat
20 Roguishness
The Casino: The Roulette Tables The Luckiest Gambler Meat.gif
320 Meat
20 Mysteriousness
The Copperhead Club Where There's Smoke... Rocks f.gif
Flamin' Whatshisname (3)
The Haunted Ballroom Forward to the Past X Roguishness X is equal to approximately 2*(mainstat).
The Haunted Bathroom That's a Tidy Bowl, Man! X Mysteriousness X is equal to approximately 2*(mainstat).
The Haunted Billiards Room A Shark's Chum (non-combat option)
permanent Pool Skill bonus
Chalked Weapon (Regular attacks can't miss, +5 Pool Skill) (10 adventures)
(combat option)
cube of billiard chalk
The Haunted Conservatory Sweeping Up the Skeleton Bones Bonepile.gif
pile of dusty animal bones
The Haunted Gallery With a Clatter X Strongness X is equal to approximately 2*(mainstat).
The Haunted Kitchen Play Misty For Me Frostcube.gif
freezerburned ice cube
+50 Cold Damage (10 adventures)
The Haunted Library Like the Sunglasses, But Less Comfortable Blackdrops.gif
black eyedrops
Sublime Spooky Resistance (10 adventures)
The Haunted Pantry The Pilsbury Doughjerk Pie.gif
tasty tart (3)
The Haunted Storage Room full-length mirror (combat) One of your equipped PvPable items If you have at least 5 PvPable stealable items equipped, randomly drops one of those items, nothing otherwise
Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp Best Served Cold Vial.gif
forest tears (3)
The Haunted Boiler Room Bram the Stoker (combat) Bramchoker.gif
Bram's choker
  • Moxie +10%
  • Monsters will be less attracted to you
  • +3 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped
The Sleazy Back Alley In the Still of the Alley Wine.gif
distilled fortified wine (3)
The Big Mountains
The Limerick Dungeon The Bleary-Eyed Cyclops Eyedrops.gif
cyclops eyedrops
+100% Items from Monsters (10 adventures)
Itznotyerzitz Mine Either Ore Aore.gif
asbestos ore
chrome ore
linoleum ore
The Goatlet Natural Selection Spinachcan.gif
can of spinach
Weapon Damage +30 (10 adventures)
Lair of the Ninja Snowmen Not Quite as Cold as Ice Antifreeze.gif
bottle of antifreeze
Sublime Cold Resistance (10 adventures)
The Icy Peak Encino Penguin Pengfroze.gif
frozen Mob Penguin
The Smut Orc Logging Camp S&M 4-EVER Plank3.gif
weirdwood plank (3)
long hard screw (3)

Materials for 10% progress towards building the bridge for the Orc Chasm Quest

A-boo Peak The "Journalist" Map.gif
A-Boo clue (2)
death blossom
Twin Peak What Kind of Party Is This? Magnify.gif
Your Interest is Peaked
(10 Adventures)
Oil Peak Up From the Ground... Crudeoil.gif
bubblin' crude (3)
unnatural gas
A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters Methinks the Protesters Doth Protest Too Little Choose a Non-Combat Adventure to scare away the protesters.
The Red Zeppelin Red Fox (combat) Foxglove.gif
red foxglove
Red Fox glove (rarely)
  • (foxglove) +75% Initiative, +200 HP (10 adventures)
  • (Red Fox glove) +5% Critical Hit Chance, Regenerate 5-10 HP and MP per adventure, Regular Attacks Can't Miss
The Valley of Rof L'm Fao Bad ASCII Art (combat) ASCII shirt, 30669, 33398, and 2 334 scrolls
The Nearby Plains
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob Lunchboxing Lunchbox.gif
Knob Goblin lunchbox
Cobb's Knob Barracks Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain (combat) Knob Goblin elite helm, Knob Goblin elite pants, Knob Goblin elite polearm Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform
Cobb's Knob Kitchens Luck in the Kitchens Sack1.gif
Knob Kitchen grab-bag
When used, yields 3-5 items from the following list: Knob mushroom, Knob sausage, spices, wad of dough
Cobb's Knob Harem Hands On Vial.gif
scented massage oil (3)
Combat usable, restores all HP and stuns foe for 1 round
Cobb's Knob Treasury Knob Goblin Embezzler (combat) Meatstack.gif
meat stack (0-4), Knob Goblin visor (0-1), and 800-1200 meat
  • (Knob Goblin visor) Moxie +3
  • 800-1,200 base meat drop
The Knob Shaft Junction in the Trunction Bubbleore.gif
bubblewrap ore (3)
cardboard ore (3)
styrofoam ore (3)
This choice adventure offers three different shafts, each of which contains 3 chunks of a different ore.
Cobb's Knob Laboratory You Can Top Our Desserts, But You Can't Beat Our Meats Magicshell2.gif
bottle of Mystic Shell
+30 Damage Reduction (10 adventures)
Menagerie Level 2 Rokay, Raggy! Nutsack.gif
irradiated pet snacks
+10 to Familiar Weight (10 adventures)
The Spooky Gravy Burrow Stage Fright Lipstick.gif
spooky lipstick
Bugbear Pens Faux Fur Pas Beanie.gif
bugbear beanie
bugbear bungguard

Outfit allows access to The Bugbear Bakery

Tower Ruins I've Gotta Crow Brain.gif
disembodied brain
15 Mysteriousness
The "Fun" House The Boxer Box.gif
box (3)
A Battlefield Prior to Always Sixpack.gif
six-pack of New Cloaca-Cola
6 cans of New Cloaca-Cola (restore 140-160 MP each)
The Unquiet Garves A Menacing Phantom Moonshine.gif
Combat item, 200-250 damage.
The VERY Unquiet Garves Rolling the Bones Brain.gif
disembodied brain
smart skull
Guano Junction Le Chauve-Souris du Parfum Eau.gif
Eau de Guaneau
+50 Stench Damage (10 adventures)
The Batrat and Ratbat Burrow How Does He Smell? Nosepills.gif
Dogsgotnonoz pills
Sublime Stench Resistance (10 adventures)
Castle in the Clouds in the Sky Basement You Never Know What You're Gonna Find Rubyw.gif
ruby W
metallic A
lowercase N
original G
heavy D
All components for the Wand of Nagamar (or a Wang)
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) Ahead of the Game Potion4.gif
possibility potion
+100% Combat Initiative (10 adventures)
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) All The Rave Inhaler.gif
Mick's IcyVapoHotness Inhaler
+200% Meat from Monsters (10 adventures)
The Spectral Pickle Factory Wouldn't You Like to be a Pickle Too? Pickle.gif
spectral pickle
The Distant Woods
The Spooky Forest Lucky, Lucky! Charms.gif
bowl of lucky charms

1 adventure, 6-9 enchantedness, 1 fullness, 50% chance to drop a leprechaun hatchling

Whitey's Grove Monty of County Crisco Lardbag.gif
bag of lard
+50 Sleaze Damage (10 adventures)
The Black Forest What the Cluck? Blackbasket.gif
black picnic basket
The Dark Elbow of the Woods
The Dark Heart of the Woods
The Dark Neck of the Woods
Pandamonium Slums
It's The Only Way To Be Sure Chapstick.gif
SPF 451 lip balm
Sublime Hot Resistance (10 adventures)
The Hidden Park Two Sizes Too Small Powder.gif
shrinking powder
Combat item, Deals 50% to 65% of an enemy's HP in damage (only one is usable per fight)
The Hidden Temple Baa'baa'bu'ran (combat) Stonewool.gif
stone wool
+3 Damage Reduction (5 adventures), can be used to get the Fitting In adventure
The Fungus Plains Some Bricks Do, In Fact, Hang in the Air Fireflower.gif
fire flower
+50 Hot Damage (10 adventures)
Vanya's Castle Crossfire Pixcross.gif
pixel cross
Combat item, 80-100 damage for two rounds
Desert Beach
Thugnderdome Gno More Mr. Gnice Guy Gnomebox.gif
Gnomish toolbox

Gives 2-3 base Supertinkering items, with a low chance for flanges and clockwork keys

South of the Border Filth, Filth, and More Filth Flipbook.gif
donkey flipbook
Sublime Sleaze Resistance (10 adventures)
An Oasis Some Things Never Change Raindrop.gif
(20 Adv)

Allows adventuring in The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert during the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin without suffering detrimental effects (a normal adventure in An Oasis only gives 5 adventures)

The Mysterious Island of Mystery
Orcish Frat House Sand in the Vaseline Bottle.gif
bottle of rhinoceros hormones
+100 Muscle (10 adventures)
Orcish Frat House
(in the Frat Boy Ensemble or Frat Warrior Fatigues)
Lambda Upsilon Chi Kappa Tickets.gif
roll of drink tickets

Gives 6-8 base boozes

The Hippy Camp The Latest Sorcerous Developments Tinyscroll.gif
teeny-tiny magic scroll
+100 Mysticality (10 adventures)
The Hippy Camp
(in the Filthy Hippy Disguise or War Hippy Fatigues)
A Case of the Baskets Fruitbask.gif
fruit basket

Gives 2-5 lesser fruits and 2-3 TPS fruits

The Obligatory Pirate's Cove Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Whatever This Is Piratejuice.gif
bottle of pirate juice
+100 Moxie (10 adventures)
A Maze of Sewer Tunnels C. H. U. M. chieftain (combat) Chumcrown.gif
Filthy Crown

Clan Trophy

Burnbarrel Blvd. A Tight Squeeze (costs 5 hobo nickels) Moonshine.gif
jar of squeeze
Exposure Esplanade Cold Comfort (costs 5 hobo nickels) Soupbowl.gif
bowl of fishysoisse
The Heap Juicy! (costs 5 hobo nickels) Lightvial.gif
concentrated garbage juice
+75 Stench Damage (20 adventures)
The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground Flowers for You (costs 5 hobo nickels) Lampshade.gif
deadly lampshade
+75 Spooky Damage (20 adventures), poisons on hit
The Purple Light District Maybe It's a Sexy Snake! (costs 5 hobo nickels) Lewdcard.gif
lewd playing card
The Sea
The Briny Deeps Deeps Impact 1-3 filets of beefy fish meat, filets of glistening fish meat, filets of slick fish meat
  • 2-3 Adventures
  • 4-8 Muscle (beefy), Mysticality (glistening), or Moxie (slick)
  • 5 turns of Fishy (15 with Warm Belly)
  • 1 fullness
  • can be used to craft Sushi
The Brinier Deepers The Haggling 50 turns of Fishy -1 Adventure cost underwater
An Octopus's Garden moister oyster (combat) Bigpearl.gif
giant pearl
The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons Camera On, James Lostnecklace.gif
long-forgotten necklace
The Dive Bar Razor, Scooter Straightrazor.gif
shavin' razor
Hairless and Airless (30 adventures)
Madness Reef Dragon the Line 20 turns of Eyes of the Dragon +100% Items from Monsters (underwater only)
The Mer-Kin Outpost A Drawer of Chests 15-20 sand dollars Currency for use at Big Brother's store.
Memories, in the Corners of your Mind
The Primordial Soup Beginner's Luck Mem amino.gif
memory of some delicious amino acids (2-5)
2-4 Base Pairs
Rumpelstiltskin's Home For Children
Ye Olde Medievale Villagee Clay Is Great, But Leather Is Bether Straw.gif
straw (3)
leather (3)
clay (3)
Map to Vanya's Castle
Vanya's Castle Chapel The Time This Fire Pixwatch.gif
pixel stopwatch
Stuns for 5 rounds
KoL High School
Art Class François Verte, Art Teacher (combat) twisted piece of wire, angry inch, eraser nubbin, lump of clay extra stats?
Chemistry Class Mrs. K, the Chemistry Teacher (combat) chlorine crystal, ph balancer, mysterious chemical residue, nugget of sodium extra stats?
Shop Class X-fingered Shop Teacher (combat) jigsaw blade, wood screw, balsa plank, blob of wood glue
  • extra stats?
  • Beating him 11 times in 1 ascension entitles you to the Eleven Down, None to Go trophy and changes the X to "No".
The Hallowed Halls Through the Locking Glass Folder1.gif
folder (KOLHS)
+50% Item Drops (KoL High School zones only), when inserted in a folder holder


  • All of these adventures consume one instance of luckiness (the Lucky! intrinsic is lost).
  • Some locations (Orcish Frat House and The Hippy Camp) give a different lucky result if you adventure there with the appropriate disguise.

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