Closing Ceremony

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Closing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony

You march proudly into the courtyard, but instead of a fanfare of trumpets, a shower of roses, and the roar of an adoring crowd, you are greeted with silence.

You look around. This is... not even a very nice courtyard. The grass is weedy and overgrown, the bushes are scraggly, and... is that a skull on the ground?

Before you can investigate, a shout from far above dominates your attention.

"Thanks!" says the distant but still sultry voice, a voice that you are suddenly certain belongs to the Sorceress herself.

"Umm," you shout back, somewhat confused, "for what?"

"For eliminating that little crowd of meddlesome adventurers. I'm sure I can find you a suitable reward here somewhere. Ah, of course. Here you go!"

A spherical object thuds to the ground behind you, and when you turn around you see wisps of pink gas coming out of it. It's... pretty. Pretty gas. Pretty pink gas, with black spots in it, black spots on everything now. So... pretty... sleepy....

Yeah, sleep seems good...

Occurs at the Coronation Courtyard in The Naughty Sorceress' Tower.