Clockwork pants

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clockwork pants
clockwork pants

Is that clockwork in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? Looks like it's the former. These are pants infused with clockwork technology. They're sure to help you out, unless an evil penguin steals their remote control.

Type: pants
Power: 80
Moxie Required: 25
Outfit: Clockwork Apparatus
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 200 Meat.

Combat Initiative +10%

(In-game plural: pairs of clockwork pants)
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Item number: 1099
Description ID: 781471734
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Flange.gif flange spring sprocket   flange spring cog  
Flange.gif clockwork doohickey cog flange clockwork thingamajig flange sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork sheet clockwork rings clockwork key
Equals.gif clockwork pants


  • The text "They're sure to help you out, unless an evil penguin steals their remote control" is a reference to the Wallace and Gromit short The Wrong Trousers, in which an evil penguin steals Gromit's birthday present, a pair of remote-controlled mechanical pants, in order to use them in a jewel heist.

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