Clockwork chef-in-the-box

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clockwork chef-in-the-box
clockwork chef-in-the-box

This is a clockwork chef in a (non-clockwork) jack-in-the-box. Its artificial intelligence makes it run more efficiently, so it should last longer. To activate it, say "Cirrus, Socrates, particle, decibel, hurricane, dolphin, tulip. " Or, y'know, just set it up at your campsite.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 710 Meat.

(In-game plural: clockwork chefs-in-the-box)
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Item number: 1112
Description ID: 805166107
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Flange.gif cog flange sprocket   flange spring sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork widget flange spring clockwork doohickey cog sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork clockwise dome clockwork counterclockwise dome clockwork key  
Wad.gif clockwork sphere chef's hat spring box
Wad.gif clockwork chef head nothing-in-the-box
Equals.gif clockwork chef-in-the-box

When Used

You place the clockwork chef-in-the-box at your campsite. He makes himself at home.
You've already got a clockwork chef-in-the-box at your campsite.




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