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Type: Combat
MP Cost: 1

Adventurer smash!

Source: Starting Skill
Price: N/A
Class: Seal Clubber
Level: 1
Effect: Deals damage, according to this formula: [(10% to 20% of Weapon Power + 0 to 1) or 1 if barehanded ] + ceiling(sqrt(Bonus Weapon Damage)) + ceiling(sqrt(Bonus Hot Damage)) + ceiling(sqrt(Bonus Cold Damage)) + ceiling(sqrt(Bonus Stench Damage)) + ceiling(sqrt(Bonus Spooky Damage)) + ceiling(sqrt(Bonus Sleaze Damage))
When Used:
You haul off and clobber your foe for X damage.

You act as the clobber, dealing X damage to the clobbee.
You clobber your opponent harder than a cobbler clobbers a nail, dealing X.
You cobble together a strategy. It involves clobbering your opponent for X damage.
You clobber your opponent as though you were trying to make a cobbler out of its brains, dealing X damage.
You whack your opponent in the face with your <weapon>, dealing X damage.
You raise your <weapon> above your head and bring it down on your opponent's, dealing X damage.

You gobsmack your opponent for X damage.


  • This skill costs 0 MP if you are currently a Seal Clubber.
  • Can be used barehanded, or with ranged weapons. Weapons in your off-hand do not affect damage done.
  • If used barehanded, <weapon> is replaced with "fist"
  • Does not trigger reactive monster effects, like Cunctatitis.
  • Does not trigger weapon effects, like the delevel effect of a curdflinger or the poisoning of Deadly Lampblade.
  • If Bonus Weapon Damage is less than zero, then zero is used, so you can't get NaN damage. The same applies to each of the Elemental Damage Bonuses, even though there is no current way to get those numbers below zero.
  • Still works as normal even with QWOPped Up active.


  • This move is a double reference to Marvel comic characters. The name of the move is a reference to The Thing, whose catchphrase is "It's clobberin' time!" while the description is a reference to The Hulk's line of "Hulk smash!"