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Exact amount of +hit. Missed a nightstand at 110 muscle with 0 ML



Type: Combat
MP Cost: 5

Sometimes, simply hitting a thing with an axe wasn't enough for Boris. Sometimes he needed to really hit it.

Source: Boris's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Boris
Level: Fighting 1
Effect: Heavy attack skill. High to-hit bonus.
When Used:
With a loud grunt, you wind up Trusty for a mighty cleave...


  • Hits more often than a normal attack, and can hit monsters you would not normally be able to hit, but can still miss against very high level monsters.
  • Multiplies base weapon damage by 5; see Weapon Damage for details.
  • Can be used while unarmed, but damage is not any higher than a normal unarmed attack.
  • Like Mighty Axing, this counts as a skill followed up by a normal attack.
    • ...but if you have the QWOPped Up effect, this skill will always miss. This overrides any to-hit bonuses you have.