Clear and Present Danger

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Clear and Present Danger
Clear and Present Danger

You approach the big gift-wrapped building. You're guessing, based on the fact that this building doesn't look like any of the other buildings, that it has a boss in it. You're also guessing, based on context and foreshadowing in previous years, that that boss is Uncle Hobo.

Are you up to the challenge?

  • If somebody has already entered combat with Uncle Hobo:

You can't pick a fight with the Uncle Hobo right now because your clanmate <name> is currently fighting him.

  • If Uncle Hobo has already been defeated:

Turns out somebody already beat up Uncle Hobo. You wander off, disappointed.

  • Otherwise, until December 25th, 2010:
Uncle Hobo -- (edit metadata)
  • After December 25th:

You burst into the house, itching for a fight, but you don't find one. Looks like Uncle Hobo's off taking care of some other business.

This makes you sad, but what makes you happier is the fact that he left some goodies behind!

  • After December 25th, with someone already receiving goodies:

Looks like this place is already ransacked. Somebody must've beaten you to it.

Don't fight.

You decide to wait until Crimbo to unwrap this particular present.

Occurs at Elf Alley.


  • After Uncle Hobo vacates his hovel, attempting to fight will yield items following the same rules as fighting him. However, the items will not go to your clan's basement to be distributed; they will simply go into your inventory.


  • "Clear and present danger" is a concept which was used in the United States to define the limits of free speech in a time of war.