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2013 saw a vast reworking of the six core classes. Each of these revamps came in the form of a world event.

General Revamp Theme

The class revamps arose from a desire to give each class its own viable combat strategy and unique mechanical identity, so that playing a Seal Clubber, for instance, felt noticeably different than playing an Accordion Thief. New mechanics such as Fury for Seal Clubbers, or Disco Bandits' Disco Momentum and affinity for knives, represent various implementations of this.

By the end of the revamps, each class had twice as many guild-trainable skills. The training costs of all of the guild skills were reduced so that two skills of that level cost what the one skill did before. The goal was to have a variety of class-exclusive skills, or skills that act differently depending on what class is using the skill. One example of this is the nerfing of Entangling Noodles, with every class gaining their own form of stunning.

List of Major Changes

Seal Clubber

Disco Bandit

Accordion Thief

Turtle Tamer

  • 15 new skills added.
  • Only Turtle Tamers can receive Turtle Blessings.
  • Removed the ability to chain Butt skills together.
  • Kneebutt no longer has a chance to stagger.
  • Shieldbutt now only auto-hits with Turtle Tamers only.


  • 15 new skill added.
  • Pasta Guardians reworked and reintroduced as Pasta Thralls.
  • Entangling Noodles staggers and delevels instead if used by a non-Pastamancer. This change was introduced steadily as each class received a revamp.
  • Ravioli Shurikens changed to deal damage three times in a random element.
  • Reduced MP Cost and increased damage of Stuffed Mortar Shell, but it now has a 1-turn delay before dealing damage and can only be cast once per combat.
  • Pastamastery now summons 3/5 ingredients in one cast.



Since the revamp included changes to existing skills, it was announced that after all of the classes have been changed a de-perming method would be made available. The Unpermery was added on the 20th of November for 30 days. Only guild-taught skills were eligible. Unpermed skills are turned into equivalent karma needed to be permed (100 for Normal and 200 for Hardcore) and are unlearned. To reperm the skills, a player needed to retrain them.

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