Clan Activity Log

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Clan Activity Log

The Clan Activity Log is a detailed list of all activity in your clan. Depending on the Clan, only certain members or ranks of the clan may be able to view this. It is currently part of the Administration Office, but was originally located in the main area of the Clan Hall. Details in the log are only for the last 14 days.

Clan Activity Log

  • This section contains information about the applications and departures from the clan along with its warfare.

Comings and Goings

  • This section shows the people that are accepted and rejected into your clan and who processed his or her respective application.

Stash Activity

  • This section monitors the Clan Stash. It shows who has added and taken which items and the quantities they manipulated.
  • The stash activity section is where you want to look to see if someone has looted your clan.
  • It also monitors the meat contributions given to the stash.


  • This section tracks how much has been spent on warfare and clan buffs.


  • This section tracks posts in the message board and announcements.
  • It also monitors the changing of ranks and titles in the clan.

Basement Stuff

  • This section tracks several events in the Clan Basement, including the opening of specific dungeons.

Hot Dogging