City Center

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City Center
City Center

This does indeed appear to be the main square of the city. Grass grows between the ancient cobblestones of the plaza, but with few buildings immediately to hand, the jungle foliage is thinner here -- though it appears to be thinning regardless, as the city stretches away from the mainland and advances northwest toward the ocean.

One hand shading his eyes, Krakrox gazed about the city, noting points of possible interest. There were a pair of buildings to the east that looked relatively intact, and another, squatter one to the west, south of a tall tower that perhaps once served as a lighthouse or lookout tower for the rocky coastland. Farther to the north stood a tall wall that appeared to encircle some largely-concealed but doubtlessly important edifice.

And right here, there's an old stone well.

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Leave the City

Poking around in an abandoned ruin was starting to grate on Krakrox's nerves. He was a man of action, ill-suited to scavenger hunts and puzzley nonsense.

You decide to return to the jungle and find something to kill instead.

Occurs at The Jungles of Ancient Loathing.

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