Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated five times thus far in the Kingdom.


Cinco de Mayo I

On Cinco de Mayo I, these items dropped from St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor:

Cinco de Mayo II

Upon logging in or reincarnating on Cinco de Mayo II, this glorious, totes amazing item was given to all players:

Cinco de Mayo III

The generic Halloween candy houses were replaced with Cinco de Mayo encounters dropping booze.

Cinco de Mayo IV

On Cinco de Mayo IV, players received via kmail 5 jars of Mayo de Mayo™ mayo from The Mayo de Mayo Mayo Company:

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Please accept this complimentary mayonnaise. Enjoy it, and tell your friends!
Mayojar.gifYou acquire 5 jars of Mayo de Mayo™ mayo

Cinco de Mayo V

Cinco de Mayo V started a little early, with drunken revelers wandering throughout the Kingdom.

  • May 2: An Announcement reading "The local drunks have started celebrating Cinco de Mayo a little early... "
  • May 3: "Tres de Mayo reveler" dropped three random booze
  • May 4: "Quatro de Mayo relever" dropped four random booze
  • May 5: "Cinco de Mayo reveler" dropped five random booze