Cigarette lighter

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cigarette lighter
cigarette lighter

This is a disposable cigarette lighter, which will come in handy if the times comes when you want to flick something. Or, y'know, set something on fire.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 40 Meat.

Deals 50-60 Hot Damage

(In-game plural: cigarette lighters)
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Item number: 7220
Description ID: 581675011
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Obtained From

A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters
Blue Oyster cultist
diabolic pizza (0-1) (warlike pizza)
Intergnat demon summoning @ level 11

When Used

  • Against a protester during the Zeppelin quest:
You light the lighter, hold it over your head, and start waving it back and forth. A group of 5-7 nearby protesters do the same and start swaying in unison. While they are thus distracted, you yank loose a hose from a nearby zeppelin fuel tank and douse them, sending them running toward the nearest body of water as though... well... exactly as though their heads are on fire.
  • Otherwise:
You light the lighter and hold it against your opponent until your thumb hurts too much to keep going. It deals 50-60 damage before that happens.


  • When used on a protester during the Zeppelin quest, this item insta-kills them, and removes an additional 5-7 (same number as in use message) protesters from the zone. Note that this means that 6-8 protesters are killed this combat, as the one you're fighting also counts.


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