Chinese curse words

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Chinese curse words
Chinese curse words

You have no idea what these words mean, but you wrote them down after hearing a guài mutter them at you, and if the things it said that you did understand are any indication, you have here the makings of the world's filthiest vocab exam.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

Stuns your opponent for a few rounds

(In-game plural: lists of Chinese curse words)
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Item number: 6140
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Obtained From

Triad Factory
fabricator guài

When Used

Wosp scroll i.gif
You shout the list of Chinese words at your opponent. They don't seem to understand you fully, but he gets the general sense, and find it extremely shocking.


  • Stuns your opponent for 3 rounds
  • While in effect, each round of combat (except the first) will display the message:
Look like it's still too shocked by your foreign profanity to take any action.
  • The last round of combat the stun is active will display the message:
Looks like it got over the shock of your foreign profanity.


  • This would have been of some help to you.


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