Children's Meal of the Damned

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Children's Meal of the Damned
Children's Meal of the Damned

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Type: food (crappy)
Size: 0
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Children's Meals of the Damned)
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Item number: 572
Description ID: 560728646
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Hacked Item

When Consumed

AdventuresYou gain 0 Adventures.
(You gain 0 Fullness.)


  • Originally intended to come from the Evil Golden Arches, this item has not been implemented and likely never will be implemented. Nevertheless, it can be found in the Mall.
  • Attempting to eat this normally results in just an image of the Meal, with no text or adventures gained, and the Meal is not removed from inventory. Using Ol' Scratch's salad fork has the same behavior, not consuming the fork nor the Meal and not dealing any damage.
  • Attempting to eat this normally will not create an entry in the consumption history.


  • The paper bag image was added on July 12, 2006. Previously, it was this: Nopic2.gif
  • The name used to be punctuated incorrectly, using "childrens'"; the correct possessive plural of "child" is "children's."
  • This item used to autosell for 31 Meat, but was removed around the time of the PvP revamp probably to prevent players losing this very valuable item.
  • Eating this item, originally, DID consume it. If (as stated in "Notes" above) it was changed to not be consumed, the time of this change is not currently recorded.


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