ChibiBuddy™ (off)

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What are the male names? Same as hobo names?

ChibiBuddy™ (off)
ChibiBuddy™ (off)

This is a little electronic friend! Just like your real friends, he constantly demands food, drink, and attention. Unlike your real friends, he's trapped in a small plastic box, completely at the mercy of your whims.

At least, I hope that's unlike your real friends.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: ChibiBuddies™ (off))
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Item number: 5925
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Obtained From

ChibiBuddy™ (on) (when ChibiBuddy™ "dies")
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Uncle Crimboku's Futuristic Trailer (1,100 plastic ingots and 1,400 electrical thingamabobs)

When Used

You look at the ChibiBuddy™. You feel a pang of guilt, and decide you don't want to cheat on , so you leave this one off. ChibiRelationships™ are built on ChibiTrust™, after all.
  • Otherwise:


You look at the ChibiBuddy™ for a few minutes. Are you really ready for this level of commitment? I mean, this thing isn't like a familiar. If you don't take care of it, it'll die, and that means you'll have to throw a funeral, bury it in consecrated ground, and... oh, wait. If you don't take care of it, it'll die, which means you'll simply have to reset it to play with it again. Never mind. Go for it! I'm sure you'll be a great ChibiParent™!

Or, if you've previously had your ChibiBuddy™ die:

You see that your ChibiBuddy™ has finished resetting. He's as good as new, though that means he has no memory of his former life.

Now you look at the ChibiBuddy™ for a few minutes. Are you ready to give it another go? Pshaw, of course you are! I'm sure you'll be a great ChibiParent™!

Name him:
turn on the ChibiBuddy™

You turn on the ChibiBuddy™. An adorable little tiny man appears on the screen and smiles at you. "I am <name>, and I am sure we will be the best of friends!" he says, bowing.

Put the ChibiBuddy™ away
You put the ChibiBuddy™ away. You need to focus on your ChibiCareer™ and your ChibiSocialLife™ before you become a ChibiParent™.


  • When used, this item is lost and a ChibiBuddy™ (on) is gained.
  • If you don't choose a name, your ChibiBuddy™ will get a random male name, followed by "-chan".


  • This items closely resembles a Tamagotchi; a keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game created in Japan.


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