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cheap toaster
cheap toaster

An ordinary toaster is a miracle of modern science -- you put bread in it, push down the lever, and in a couple of minutes, toast comes out. Nobody knows where the bread goes.

This toaster, however, is a miracle of modern magic -- it doesn't even require bread!

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: cheap toasters)
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Item number: 637
Description ID: 305442740
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Obtained From

The Shore, Inc. Gift Shop (3 Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip)

When Used

  • First use in a day:
You push the lever and are rewarded with toast. Three slices, somehow.
Toast.gifYou acquire 3 pieces of toast
  • Subsequent uses in a day:
You push the lever, but no toast comes out. Looks like you've exceeded your daily magical toast allotment.



  • This will allow you to get three slices of toast each day.
  • Having more than one of these does not allow you to summon more than three slices per day.
  • Is not consumed by use.
  • Once purchased from the store it is no longer available this ascension and is a one-time item.


  • Until November 28, 2008, this item was a campground item. Using this item produced:
You place the toaster at your campsite. You're unable to find an outlet, but then you realize that this toaster doesn't need to be plugged in, so all is well.
  • Prior to the shore revamp on August 30, 2013, this item required 32 trips to get.
  • After the August 2013 revamp you could not get another toaster if you already had one anywhere but Hagnk's. Due to player whining Jick changed this on September 10, 2013.
  • Until sometime before August 9, 2016, this item would give toast one slice at a time, up to the maximum of three uses.


  • The line "...and in a couple of minutes, toast comes out! Nobody knows where the bread goes" is a reference to a Calvin and Hobbes strip in which the titular twosome ponder the same mystery, with almost the same lines.


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