Cheap studded belt

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cheap studded belt
cheap studded belt

This is a cheap belt made out of imitation leather, shot through with plastic studs painted to look metal. It's like costume jewelry for wanna-be punks.

Type: accessory
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Gift Item

Damage Reduction: 1

(In-game plural: cheap studded belts)
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Item number: 3278
Description ID: 895842590
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Obtained From

Summon Tasteful Items

During Combat

  • When an attack would cause less than 30 damage:
Fortunately, your studded belt absorbs the blow. A couple of the studs fall off of it, though. Stupid cheap belt.
  • After 30 or more damage has been blocked:
Fortunately, your studded belt absorbs the blow. Unfortunately, the attack knocks the last plastic stud off of the belt, rendering it useless. You sigh and discard the belt in a nearby trash can.


  • The belt will absorb any attack that would cause less than 30 damage. If the attack would cause 30 or more damage, the belt will not activate.
  • After the belt absorbs 30 or more damage, it will break. This damage can be done over multiple combats.
  • Multiple belts can be worn-- once the first breaks, the next one will begin absorbing damage. If the first belt absorbs more than 30 damage in total, it will not spill over to the next belt.
  • This item does not prevent Shadow damage when fighting Your Shadow during the Naughty Sorceress Quest.
  • Absorbed Negative Status Attacks can still confer their effects.

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