Cheap plastic blowgun

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cheap plastic blowgun
cheap plastic blowgun

filled with deadly poison darts.

TIP: Try not to suck.

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed blowgun)
Damage: 3 - 5
Selling Price: 28 Meat.

50% chance of poisoning opponent.

(In-game plural: cheap plastic blowguns)
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Item number: 3845
Description ID: 559077524
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Obtained From

The Haiku Dungeon
amateur ninja


  • The initial poison damage is 15%-25% of the damage dealt. Each subsequent round, poison damage is halved (rounding down) until it reaches zero.
  • If another attack succeeds in poisoning, the additional poison damage is added to any existing poison damage.
  • The initial poisoning yields the following message:
Your opponent is poisoned by the attack...
  • On subsequent rounds, the following message is displayed:
Your opponent writhes as she takes X damage from the poison.

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