Cheap clip-on ninja tie

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cheap clip-on ninja tie
cheap clip-on ninja tie

This is a clip-on polyester tie with a garish pattern emblazoned on it. You'd think a stealthy ninja would go for a plain black silk number, something tasteful, but the salaryninja is blending into a different environment. It's an environment where short-sleeved dress shirts and clip-on ties are the height of fashion. So it's practically a parallel universe.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: Ninjas Just Tryin' to Get Paid (50 Adventures)Makes you look like a salary ninja

(In-game plural: cheap clip-on ninja ties)
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Item number: 6247
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Obtained From

The Suspicious-Looking Guy's Shady Past

When Used

You clip on the tie and practice your sneaky-sneaky.
Necktie.gifYou acquire an effect: Ninjas Just Tryin' to Get Paid
(duration: 50 Adventures)



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