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Manage your contact / ignore lists

This section of your account menu allows you to view everyone that you have on your /friend and /ignore lists. Your contacts are listed first, in alphabetical order, followed by an alphabetical list of everyone you're currently ignoring. At the bottom of each section you can add a player to one list or the other, and with each person on either list you can view their profile, send them a KMail or remove them from the list.

Turn [on/off] clan member login notification

This option allows you to toggle whether you are informed when members of your clan log on or log off from KoL. This means that members of your clan don't have to be on your contact list in order to be notified of when they log on or off.

Change your name capitalization

This is just so you can go from being boring old "Properly Capitalized Player" to the new and exciting "ProPERLy cAPiTALiZEd PlAyEr".

Manage chat colors

This option allows you to set the color of chat channel names, among other things. Those other things being your name, your contacts, and other people in general. It makes it easier to distinguish between channels that you're listening to without actually reading anything.

Manage your chat macros

This option allows you to manage up to twenty different (or the same, I guess) macros. Macros are ways to input entire sentences or simple chat commands (like /msg, /whois, etc.) by just pressing a few buttons (just like speed-dial).

Suppose you wanted to say "I love KOL" over and over again but you didn't want to copy the word and you don't want to type it out. You just go to the screen which allows you to edit your macros. Let’s say you use macro #1. You would input 'I Love KOL' into the box for #1 and click save. Then during chat, you would just have to type /1 in the text box. That would output the text "I Love KOL" for everyone in your current chat channel to see.

Text can also be input after the macro command. For example: '/1 and you too.' would output "I love KOL and you too." To see more about chat commands go to the chat section.

Turn [on/off] profanity filter

If your profanity filter is on, you won't see any profanity in chat and private messages. Instead, the offending word will be replaced with some &@%!#$* !@#$ or another. Prior to December 23, 2004, entire messages would be replaced by the simple word [profanity].

If the profanity filter is off, you'll be able to see naughty chat messages in all their damn glory. You have been warned.

[Don't] Show tag in current channel

This allows you to force [channel] tags to appear for the channel you're in. Before this option was implemented on April 24, 2006, [channel] tags would only appear for the channels you were listening to (but not for the channel you were in).

Enable Right Click Menu

This option enables you to use a custom menu when you right click on a player's name in chat. Each right click menu option opens a relevant page for the pages that interacts with another player or automatically enters their name in the field. The options available on the Right Click Menu include easy ways to:

  • Send Message - Send the player a green message / KMail.
  • Send Gift - Send the player a gift through The Gift Shop.
  • Propose Trade - Initiate a trade agreement with the player.
  • Cast Buffs - Call up the Use Skills window.
  • Visit Mall Store - Show the player's store in The Mall of Loathing, if one exists.
  • View Display Case - Show the player's Display Case in the Museum, if one exists.
  • View Familiars - Show the player's Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium, if the player has allowed others to view it.
  • View Ascension Record - Show the player's ascension record even if the player is an Astral Spirit.
  • View Clan - Show the player's clan, if one exists.
  • Throw Brick - Throw a brick at the player, if you have one.
  • Throw Toilet Paper - Throw a roll of toilet paper at the player, if you have one.
  • Throw Cream Pie - Throw a cream pie at the player, if you have one.
  • Send Candy Heart - Send a candy heart to the player, if you have one.
  • Sing a Carol - Sing the player a carol, if you have one.
  • Perform /whois in chat - Display basic information about the player in chat.
  • Send private message in chat - Open a JavaScript window, input a message, and send the player a blue private message in chat.
  • Add to contact list - Add the player to your /friend list.
  • Add to ignore list - Add the player to your /ignore (/baleet) list.

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