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Chat Guide
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Guide to Chat

Upon first entering the Kingdom of Loathing, a new Adventurer will see the following message in the chat pane:

"You may not enter the chat until you have proven yourself literate. You can do so at the Temple of Literacy in the Big Mountains."

You must pass the test at The Temple of Literacy in The Big Mountains in order to gain access to the public channels: /newbie, /trade, /games, /radio, and /normal.

This helpful guide to chat may help answer questions about channels and chat commands. Please examine this resource first; it is a clear source of information.

Maximum message length is 200 characters.

Expected Behavior

Chat is controlled by Moderators, who enforce the Policies of Loathing; they have the power to ban players who do not follow those policies. If you are banned, trying to chat yields:

You have been banned from the chat. Your chat privileges will be reinstated in

Shorthand Guide to Chat Etiquette

  • Do not flame other players. This is the golden rule in all chat.
  • Do not post spoilers in chat.
  • Do not post obscene links.
  • Do not use racial slurs, appropriate in your culture or not.
  • If someone flames you, look for a mod and do not respond. A list of current chat moderators is provided in the forums. Better yet, use the /ignore or /baleet function.
  • If you are in /newbie and you know the answer to a question asked, answer it in PM (/msg) form.
  • If you are not in /newbie and you know the answer to a question, answer it in PM form.
  • Per Jick, game-related questions ARE allowed in every channel (with the exception of /trade). However, there is a greater chance of getting answers in /newbie.
  • Do not beg. For anything.
  • Do not spam, spam advertisements, clan ads. Especially in a channel where clan ads and store ads are prohibited.
  • Do not cyber; this counts under obscene acts.
  • Don't scam.
  • Don't use a multi to get around a ban. If you've been banned you need to think about why. If you find you've been banned unreasonably, contact an administrator or the mod who banned you.
  • Don't be stupid. Follow the rules, and don't use leet excessively.

General Rules

General Rule for Links - Do not link to anything to which anyone could take any offense at any time.
General Rule for Ads - Carry out your ads in the proper channel, general downtime between ads should be greater than or equal to 5 minutes.
General Rule for Behavior - Don't bother players. Do listen to mod warnings and warnings from other players, within reason. Don't flame. Do answer questions that are asked in the right channel. Don't spoil game content.
Please Read: The Official Policies of Loathing.

Chat Options

There are several chat options that you can toggle and/or adjust through your Options menu.

Chat Guide
Basics | Chat Commands | Game Commands | Channels | Miscellaneous