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Chat Etiquette is certain rules that players must follow in chat. Chat moderators enforce etiquette. Different Chat channels may have different etiquette.

No AOL/SMS/L33T/etc Speak

Something else that is not severely enforced, but is picked upon on. The Kol chat is not populated by a bunch of undereducated buffoons, so do not drop to their standard, not only is it hard to read or decipher, it just shows that you are being awkward.

No Begging

Begging is the act of asking for free meat/items/buffs and such. It is severely looked down upon as it shows that you are willing to put no effort in to acquire things yourself. Constant begging will likely be countered with a ban.

No Cybering

Cybering is engaging in the act of cybersex in the chat. Cybering shows that you are a complete utter lowlife with nothing better to do that pretending to have intercourse. It is considered an obscene act and all people involved will generally be punished.

No Discrimination

Whatever your colour, religion, sexuality, nationality, disability, culture or gender, everyone is welcome in the Kingdom. Anyone who posts prejuidiced comments will be severely dealt with and - in nearly all cases - banned. This also applies to those with derogatory names or people who post links with discriminating content.

No 'Dodgy' Links

Dodgy Links are links to sites with questionable content, this includes things such as sites that infect your computer with spyware/trojans/etc, sites that ask for personal details. You get the idea.

No Flaming

Flaming is the act of verbally abusing someone in the chat pane. This is unacceptable as it is offensive, derogatory and is generally something that people do not want to see. If you do have a bone to pick with someone, its best to take it to private messages or the Ring of Flame.

No Harassment

Harassment is where you pester somebody through chat, messages, or both. This is disallowed as chances are, they are not at all interested or are annoyed at the bombarding that you are giving them.

No Multi-Abusing

Multi-abuse is a very broad category, most of it is completely unrelated to chat, but one part of it is. Using a multi to get around a ban is completely unacceptable and it shows that you are incapable of accepting your punishment for being a jackass in the first place.

No 'NSFW' Links

NSFW stands for 'Not Safe For Work', this includes links to things like pornography, sex toys, feces, and so on and so forth. You are quite welcome to discuss such matters through private messages, but open chat is a no-no.

No Referrals

Referrals are things that you post to try and improve your reputation on another website. These are not welcome as they are pointless and spamtastic.

No Scamming

Scamming is the act of trying to con somebody out of what they have. It includes things such as trying to get somebody's password, trying to get them to send you items because their trade function is 'broken', or posing as a member of the game staff and asking for your details. A guide to common scams is included in Jick and Mr. Skullhead's documentation of the game.

No Selling Accounts

Selling accounts is not considered an offence, as such, but players are advised not to engage it and it will be picked up upon if mentioned in chat. Why should accounts not be sold? Because the original owner can request a password through the e-mail address they used to create the account.

No Spamming

Spamming is the act of frequently posting the same thing over and over, such as a link, a store advertisement, a service or just the posting of random characters. Spamming is not accepted in chat and spammers are often banned as soon as they begin.

No Spoilers

Spoilers are the solutions to certain things such as in-game quests and puzzles. Posting spoilers ruins the game for many players who wish to find things out for themselves and just shows that you have no consideration for others. If someone requests help for something in chat, then a hint is what should be provided.

No Threats

Threatening to do something to someone in real-life is one of the worst things you can do in Kol, and is an offence that can get your account disabled. If you feel you are being threatened, tell somebody about it.

No Trolling

Trolling is being drastically negative towards something, in this case, Kol itself. Trolling is not accepted because our belief is that if you don't like the game, then don't play it. Trolling is a bannable offence.