Certificate of Participation

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Certificate of Participation
Certificate of Participation

This Certificate proclaims that you are a legitimate participant in the adventuring community of The Kingdom of Loathing.

Hang it proudly in your campsite!

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Certificates of Participation)
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Item number: 133
Description ID: 579075005
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Obtained From

Toot Oriole Quest

When Used

You don't have anywhere to hang your Certificate of Participation. Maybe you should head into the market in Seaside Town and get yourself a tent.
  • Otherwise:
You proudly hang your Certificate of Participation at your campsite.


  • If you do not have a dwelling, using this item does not consume it.
  • Once used successfully, you can proudly view your certificate in your dwelling.
  • Once used successfully, the certificate is not lost upon ascension, or when upgrading housing. It will appear in every dwelling you construct.