Cavern Entrance

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Cavern Entrance
Cavern Entrance

You come to the edge of the jungle and stand on a rocky bluff overlooking the sea. Below you, you notice the mouth of a cave, and climb down for a closer look.

Pausing to allow his eyes to adjust to the dim light, Krakrox examined the cave entrance, which appeared to be the opening of a large cavern complex. The barbarian crouched to study some tracks scratched into the dirt and dust, then inhaled deeply, tasting the air. There was no doubt about it -- this was the lair of a wumpus.

The wumpus is a fearsome beast, renowned amongst hunters as a swift, cunning, and brutal killing machine. They are solitary creatures, each making its lair within a deep cavern, to confuse and trap its prey. A strong hunter might have a fair chance against one, but only if they can manage to take it by surprise -- if the wumpus becomes aware of your presence, the hunter will become the hunted, and that invariably means death.

Always up for a challenge, Krakrox grinned and cracked his knuckles.

Enter the Cavern

Allows you to Hunt the Wumpus.


Ok, maybe Krakrox wasn't up for that challenge.

(does not consume an adventure, but does consume a charge of the empty agua de vida bottle)

Occurs at The Jungles of Ancient Loathing