Cavalcade of Fury

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Cavalcade of Fury

Cavalcade of Fury

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 15

Sometimes you get so mad that just yelling and stomping around aren't sufficient. Sometimes your anger deserves a parade.

Consumes all of your Fury and performs multiple savage attacks

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 7,500 Meat
Class: Seal Clubber
Level: 12
Effect: Attacks multiple times for massive damage. This consumes all of your Fury in addition to its MP cost. Deals more damage the more fury you have when you use it.
When Used:
First attack message:

You scream with boiling Fury as you bash your foe's face with your <weapon>, dealing X damage.
You bellow with unleashed Fury as you backhand your foe with your <weapon>, dealing X damage.
You deliver an initial blow characterized not by how Fast it is, but by how Furious. It deals X damage. And, y'know, it was actually pretty Fast too, now that I think about it.
Fury comes off of you in waves as your opponent's heads nearly come off of <her> torso with the force of your blow. Which blow dealt X damage, for those keeping score at home.

Second attack message:

You then smack <him> with the other side of your <weapon>, dealing another X damage.
Continuing your relentless assault, you whirl around and clobber <him> again, dealing an additional X damage. You follow up your savage blow with a savage blow for an additional X damage. You really only have one speed, but it's a good speed.

Third attack message:

Overcome with the thrill of battle, you savagely whack <him> again, dealing another X damage.
You follow that up with a third furious strike with the blunt end of your <weapon>, dealing another X damage.

Fourth attack message:

Caught up in a berserk rage, you continue your assault, screaming and shouting and hitting <her> for another X damage.
Consumed with berserk rage, you cannot control yourself, and you can barely even control your <weapon>. You manage to hit <her> for another X damage, though.

Fifth attack message:

Seeing red as the last of your fury boils out of your blood and into your brain, you deliver a final savage blow, dealing a final X damage.


  • The number of attacks is equal to the amount of Fury used. The damage dealt decreases in each successive attack.
  • Bonus elemental damage is not applied to any of the attacks.
  • This skill can not be used without Fury.
  • Wearing a bakelite belt causes this skill to leave 1 Fury instead of 0.

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