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Monster ID 1913
Locations Investigating a Plaintive Telegram
Hit Points 0
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum demon
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts head, horns, leg, tail, torso
rotting beefsteak
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
caugr You're fighting a caugr

When The Cows Came Home, whatever entities took over all the cattle in the West weren't all that particular about which cows they possessed. The vessel this one chose -- well, from the looks of it it'd been dead for quite a while.

RE: Missing: Pioneer Daughter

Amidst the corpses of Cavalry soldiers in the army-fort-turned-horrifying-cow-nightmare you find the corpse of a cow. No, wait, it's a live cow. No, wait, it's a zombie cow.

RE: Missing: Many Children

The shrieking chaos of Cowtown briefly coalesces into a horrifying dead cow.

Hit Message(s):

It stampedes you, if it's accurate to say 'stampede' when there's only one animal involved. Regardless, it hurts. Argh! Argh! Ow!

The cow groans and kicks you in the <ankle>. Now it's your turn to groan. Ow! Ow! Ouch!

The zombie cow gores you with its horns. As if there wasn't enough gore around here already. Oof! Ugh! Argh!

Critical Hit Message:

The zombie cow knocks you down and grazes on your brains. (CRITICAL HIT!) Oof! Ugh! Eek!

Miss Message(s):

The cow groans and tries to kick you, but its leg falls off. So it groans some more instead.

The zombie cow tries to trample you, but misses, so it's really just sort of walking around.

You grab the bull by the horns. And I've just realized that I have no idea what that idom[sic] is supposed to mean.

Fumble Message:

It emits a low moaning noise that sounds like "mooooo" huh wait a second... (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Gnatfilet.gifYou acquire an item: rotting beefsteak (20% chance)*

Occurs at Investigating a Plaintive Telegram.


  • The introductory text varies depending on the telegram chosen.
  • The relentless, unstoppable caugr cannot be stunned or staggered.


  • This appears to be a bovine draugr.