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Water-breathing familiars can adventure underwater and within the Heavy Rains challenge path without any restrictions.

Several familiars that can only be obtained by adventuring underwater are more effective when in their natural environment, although they can still function, in a more limited capacity, on land. These include the Cuddlefish, Imitation Crab, and Magic Dragonfish (see their pages for further details).

To adventure underwater with any other familiar, it must have the little bitty bathysphere or das boot equipped, or you must have the Wet Willied effect. (A Dancing Frog or Reagnimated Gnome have their own specific equipment which will let them breathe instead.) Otherwise, this message appears:

"You can't adventure there now -- <familiar name> wouldn't be able to breathe!"

Non-water-breathing familiars within the Heavy Rains challenge path need to equip a miniature life preserver to overcome that path's restriction.