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Umbrellas are 1-handed melee weapons.

Umbrella-Specific Hit Messages:

You stick your <umbrella> up <its> nose and open it, doing X damage. Now you know why it's bad luck to open an umbrella inside your nose. ZAP! POW! SMACK!
You do X damage with your umbrella. Ella. Ella. Ay, ay, ay, ay. KAPOW! BAM! POW!
You open the <umbrella>, put it over your shoulder, and do an a cappella version of "Three Little Maids From School." Your opponent takes X points' worth of confusion. WHAMMO! POW! WHAMMO!
You smack <it> up one side and down the other with your <umbrella>, doing X damage and feeling like a hysterical old lady. BOOF! SMACK! BAM!


  • The "Ella. Ella. Ay, ay, ay, ay." hit message is a reference to the song "Umbrella" by the singer Rihanna.

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