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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

Wait, does +X% skele damage work with spells, too? This was never clear to me. Also, need to test: donerbagon, auqadargon, all those skeleton invasion skeletons, Zombo. And the spelunky skeleton, but... don't think that's really testable.

Some monsters in KoL are spooky scary skeletons. Skeletons are usually undead!

Some equipment and effects give the enchantment "+X% damage vs. skeletons", which makes skeletons take an appropriate amount more damage from physical attacks.

The ring of telling skeletons what to do is good at telling skeletons what to do.

The debonair deboner gives extra skeleton bones after defeating skeletons.

The rusty bonesaw does not actually check for this category. It seems to have a hard-coded list of what it works against.