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Saucepans are 1-handed melee weapons, and are favored by Saucerors.

Equipping one of these as your weapon (not in your off-hand) increases the meat drop bonus of Expert Panhandling from +10% to +15%.

You must have a saucepan in your inventory in order to cast the Sauceror saucesphere buffs: Antibiotic Saucesphere, Elemental Saucesphere, Jalapeño Saucesphere and Scarysauce. The duration of the buff is dependent on the best saucepan in your inventory.

Saucepan Buff Durations
Saucepan 5
5-Alarm Saucepan 10
warbear oil pan 10
oil pan 12
17-alarm Saucepan 15
Saucepanic 15
Windsor Pan of the Source 20
frying brainpan 20

Saucepan-Specific Hit Messages:

You saucily swing and smack with your <saucepan>, doing X points of non-salubrious damage. BAM! WHAMMO! BARF!
You tip your <saucepan> over and pour out a saucepan-full of PAIN. Specifically, X damage's worth. BOINK! WHACK! SOCKO!
You tip your <saucepan> over and pour out the PAIN. Even though it's a saucepan, not a little teapot, it tips and pours just fine. <It> suffers X damage. BONK! BAM! BARF!
Your <saucepan> makes a satisfying CLANG as it rebounds off of your enemy for X damage. You feel briefly like a stereotypical comic strip housewife. SMACK! BIFF! BOINK!
Your <saucepan> swishes saucily through the air, caroming off of your enemy for X damage. BOOF! BIFF! WHAM!

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