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A list of all combat encounters featuring members of the orc phylum. Spirits siphoned from members of this phylum give 5/10/15 turns of the effect Orc Chops (+50 Muscle). All members of this phylum become orc paste when subjected to the skill Release the Boots. Their extracted DNA turns you into a Human-Orc Hybrid (+40 max HP, +1 stat(s) per fight). Defeating these with a Robortender may provide a baby oil shooter. Tracking 11 of these with a Red-Nosed Snapper will provide a boot flask. Fighting one with the Ghost of Crimbo Carols can provide the Let It Snow/Boil/Stink/Frighten/Grease effect. A Vampyre can ensorcel one of these to provide a bonus to Muscle substats after fights.

Orcs can be completely destroyed by using the boozebomb combat item.

Most of these monsters are found on The Mysterious Island of Mystery and in The Smut Orc Logging Camp.