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Flails are sort of like whips, but more powerful. They also have ranged and melee members, 1-handed and 2-handed members.

Heck, all you can say about them is that they aren't 3-handed or boost meat drops. or familar weight.

Flail-Specific Hit Messages:

You <flail> your weapon wildly and bash <it> in the face for X damage. BIFF! POW! BARF!
You swing your <flail> and clock <it> with the meaningful end, cleaning <its> clock to the tune of X damage. POW! BIFF! POW!
You wrap the flexible part of your <flail> around <its> neck and squeeze X points' worth of breath out of <it>. BOINK! BARF! ZAP!
You whirl your <flail> around, admiring the nice whistling sound it makes. Then you brain your opponent with it, admiring the nice thumping sound it makes, and the X damage it deals. BARF! BIFF! BIFF!
You flail around aimlessly for a while, then begin flailing around with a purpose -- that purpose being the infliction of X damage on your foe. BAM! BAM! ZAP!