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This page exists simply to keep track of all the featured articles for use on the main page. These articles are written by users of the KoL Wiki, and therefore, any registered user may create one, provided they follow the below instructions and guidelines.

  1. Create a page and entitle it Template:FEATURE_Your_Article_Name_Here'
    • To create a page, go here and replace "Your_Article_Name_Here" with your article's name
  2. Write your article on this page. Articles should...
    • a brief summary of the topic you are writing about
    • ...contain a few relevant points of interest
    • ...contain several links, relevant to the subject
    • ...contain an image, relevant to the subject
    • ...not cover existing articles information (IE : We don't need 3 articles on meat, nor do we need an article for every single familiar in the game)
  3. Once you have written your article, add the following to the bottom...
    <noinclude>[[Category:Featured Articles|Your Article Name]]</noinclude>
  4. Finally, preview your article, check for mistakes (typos, broken links and coding etc) and fix any you find. Once you are satisfied with the article, click "Save Page"
  5. Your article will be looked over when an administrator gets a chance, and if it is front page material, added to the upcoming rotation.

Writing an Article

Featured articles should be articles that are complete in content, well written, and are interesting enough to be put on the front page of Visual KoL. Within this page, create a brief (2, 3, 4 short paragraphs) summary of the featured article. Cutting and pasting from the main article is acceptable, but keep the summary reasonably sized. This summary should contain an image, and it would be much preferred if that image was transparent. At the moment, very few of the images uploaded to the wiki are transparent, however.

Ideally, featured articles will rotate, possibly from top to bottom. As more articles are added to the list, the variety will grow, and the front page will become a more interesting place to be.

Current Events

The best possible articles are current events that have happened within the past few days. If you see a current event and want to write about it don't hesitate to create it and add it immediately to the upcoming rotation.

Article Rotation

There is one template which holds the data for which articles show for on some day. In order to rotate the articles edit the template below. Articles should be rotated every 6 weeks.

Template:Featuredarticle - edit

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